Beauty. Strength. Protection. A quality roof is more than just a covering—it shows pride in your home. At Preci Roofing, we deliver the workmanship, materials and care that your project deserves.

We only use Australian materials made for Australian conditions. That means your house is given ultimate protection against extreme Tropical North Queensland weather. No more wear and tear.

We wash, repair and repaint roofs, tailoring the options to meet your expectations and requirements, including over 30 colour choices and a colour matching service.


After a thorough inspection, we find a solution that suits your vision and budget and provide fully comprehensive estimates. 

Roof Clean.png


We regularly clean roofs, gutters, facias, driveways, walls and more.


Pressure cleaning is performed on Terracotta and Concrete tiles, metal and Colorbond roofs.

From de-mossing to stubborn lichen and debris, if it can be cleaned we can do it.

You will be surprised by how well your roof will look and function after we have given it a thorough high-pressure clean and rinse down.

$450 + GST




If your current roof screws are beginning to show signs of rust we highly recommend a roof screw replacement or re-screw.


By changing the screws out as early as possible you will prevent further damage occurring to the roof sheeting, which will be much more costly to repair then re-screwing.


Re-screwing has strict guidelines which should be adhered to at all times. 

$200 + GST



Step 1: 


Apply coat of Roof Membrane to the entire roofed area to seal and prime surfaces and enhance the adhesion of the membrane top coats.

Step 2:

Apply 2 finish coats of High Gloss, water based, 100% acrylic membrane ideal for use in extreme weather conditions typical in the southern hemisphere. It is heat reflective keeping your home cooler in the hot and provides a durable colourfast coating system that significantly reduces dirt accumulation, pollution and chemical attach through its self cross-linking technology.)

$2800 + GST